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Water Orton Primary School

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Primary Writer


Twinkl app primary writer

 Twinkl Phonics

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      Bee Bot


  Google Earth


  Wild Friends


       Writer's Hat


Daisy the Dinosaur

My Times Tables


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Daisy the dinosaur Comic life

  Comic Life

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Book Creator App


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Maths Bingo

   Times Tables

   Times Tables

Telling Time

Table Frogs

 Wipeout Wall


  Hungry Fish


  Airport Maths


    Tick Tock


    Pizza Fractions


   KS2 Maths SAT's


   Maths Splat


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 ABC Joined Up

Hairy Letters

 Mr Thorne

Does Phonics

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Sight Words

Forest Phonics

Word Domino

Phonics Genius

  Story Buddy 2


  Spelling Hero


The Beginners Bible


Garage Band


The Human Body

Puppet Pals 2


How It Works


Comic Puppets


Stack The Countires


Animate It


Spanish Word



eBook Creator


Move The Turtle


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Water Orton 'Ace Apps'


There are a huge number of apps available and we aim to help you by showcasing the ones we have looked at and like. We are looking for apps with an education slant that will encourage children to practise and improve on mental maths skills, for example... or let them practise calculating fractions of a shape.


There are apps for everything, so if you find one that you find helps your child, then let us know. Wherever possible, we are trying to find FREE apps.

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