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Water Orton Primary School

Attleboro Lane, Water Orton, Birmingham,

B46 1SB (0121) 7472851

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Mr Lewis

is our Head Teacher

In the Classroom....

Mrs Whitmore teaches Palm Class Reception Phase Leader

Mrs Pollock teaches Rowan Class               (Reception)

In the Classroom....


Teaching Assistants

There are many people who work at Water Orton, who help us in all sorts of ways. We all work as a team to make Water Orton Primary the great school it is!

In the Office....

Mrs Bates

Mrs Arnold

Mrs Groves

Evergreen Business Manager

Mrs Insley

Mrs Finch

Mrs Henry

Mrs Turrell

Mrs Rea

Staff who look after us at dinnertime and keep our school looking great....

Mrs Swift

Mrs Willis

Miss Phillips

Miss North teaches Elm class (Year 2)

Miss Wilks teaches Willow Class

(Year 1)

Mrs Smith is our Deputy Head Teacher and Key Stage One Phase Leader

Mr Spelman

teaches Oak Class

(Year 1/2)

Mr Hackett

teaches Ash Class (Year 3/4)

Miss Sharma

teaches Hazel Class

(Year 4)

Miss Kay

teaches Beech Class

(Year 5)

Miss Ward

Miss Payne

teaches Pine Class

Year 3



Mrs Boughton teaches Willow Class

(Year 1)


Miss O'Reilly

Mrs Gavan teaches Hawthorn Class

(Year 5/6)

Phase Leader

Mrs Walker

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Miss Abbotts

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Mrs Davies

teach Chesnut Class

   (Year 6)

Mrs Hinchy

teach Chesnut Class

   (Year 6)

Mr Dalley

In Evergreen Class .....

Mrs Bick Evergreen

Class Teacher