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Water Orton Primary School

Attleboro Lane, Water Orton, Birmingham,

B46 1SB (0121) 7472851

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The Parent Forum is a group of parent representatives who meet once a term to discuss school-related issues.

Regular, open communication and consultation with parents is really important to the school. The Parent Forum provides a valuable way to listen to your ideas and concerns and seek your views, helping to make sure the needs of children and their families are met.

Meetings are led by school staff and governors, usually by the Headteacher and the Chair of Governors. Meetings are informal and a genuine opportunity for open discussion.


Examples of issues that have been discussed include:


- School development planning

- Parking and safe routes to walk / cycle to school

- Class mixes

- Cost of school trips and events

- Parents evenings

- Views on school policies when they are updated e.g. Behaviour Policy




Parents are encouraged to share information from Parent Forum with parents of other children in their child’s class. Feedback is also included in school newsletters which are distributed to all parents and published on the school website.

If you would like a parent representative to raise an issue or make a suggestion on your behalf at Parent Forum please ask them to do so, or send a message to the school office via the link below. Issues raised should be general issues.

If you have specific concerns about your child your first point of contact should always be your class teacher.

Meeting dates 2016/2017

Thursday 21st September 2017 5.30pm Thursday 25th January 2018 5.30pm

Thursday 12th July 2018 5.30pm

All meetings are held in the school staff room

Sharing the information....

Parent Forum

Current Parent Forum members 2017-18 are:


Name                         Class represented


Zoe Lavender                     Rowan                                

Rebecca Lowe                    Palm                

Lynn Tonks                         Elm, Ash

David Smeaton                   Oak

Sarah Sneyd                       Elm

Suzy Wearing                     Elm

Lucy Cunliffe                       Elm

Ash Bayliss                         Elm

Rachel Speers                    Elm, Chestnut

Clare Rodway                     Hazel

Rebecca Hancock              Beech

Vicky Hall                           Beech

Linda Burke                        Beech


We are currently reviewing the listing for participants and taking on new members.







For the agenda and notes from previous meetings please see below.

What is Parent Forum?



- We aim to have at least one parent representing each class, to give a range of views across childrens' classes and year groups.

- Any parent can volunteer to be on the Parent Forum, so please ask if you would like to be involved. Where there are gaps

in year- groups, parents will be selected at random and invited to join.


- There are only 3 meetings a year and dates are set at the start of the school year to give plenty of notice.

- If you join Parent Forum, or if you are already a member, please come and take part to represent your class.

"If you would like a parent representative to raise an issue or make a suggestion on your behalf at Parent Forum please ask them to do so.

Meeting Notes for Parents

Who is on the Parent Forum?

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Meeting notes for 10/3/16 Meeting notes for 6/10/16 Meeting notes for 14/7/16 Meeting notes for 25/5/17 Meeting notes for 13/7/17 Meeting notes for 21/09/17